Sunday, 9 June 2013

A new Journey

Let me welcome a new beginning in my life. The beginning of a new journey. The journey to set free my thoughts, to emancipate my feelings, to give wings to my untold experiences piled over the years, to  unfold the galleries of the snapshots of my beautiful mind kept in dark thus far. The journey to open the window of my heart. The journey to share myself. The journey to play a new avatar. The journey to create a small world within the world.  A hearty welcome to my small world! 

By profession I am a cryptographer. The cryptographers are those creatures who help to keep secrets as secret.  Can you expose all your secrets? If you say 'no', then here we are. Hail to all the cryptographers! If the whole world chorus 'yes', then I retire without being sorry. After all, I have so many other things to do. Here you may find more information about me as a cryptographer.

Photography is my true passion. I love to capture the dramatic moments of the nature, the moments of interaction between the nature and the beings.  Through my photographs, I aim to bring sublimity and calmness in the heart of the viewer. I wish to take the viewer to a secret world far from the madness of the life. The very world where equality prevails and distinction, ranking have no entry. The world where one gets enlightened to realize how insignificant one is in front of the magnanimous nature. The world where the nature prevails above all as the Supreme Being.  A tour to such a world will transform the viewer to a better being. It will inspire one to embrace humbleness, to welcome equality in the society, to burn one's self-destructing greed, to celebrate the victory of universal brotherhood and peace. This is my hope. At present, I am nowhere close to what I aim to achieve. But I shall keep my promise to self someday.   For your reference, my photographs can be viewed here.  

The passion for photography somewhere inspired me to photograph my mind. The dynamism of human  mind is a gift of God.  The mind is the breeding ground of thoughts. It is a laboratory where one mixes her/his knowledge, experience and imagination to create out-of-the-world stuffs.  It is the stage where trillions of plays are been played both in the state of consciousness and unconsciousness. So why not collecting some of the snapshots of the mind? Who else other than oneself can do the job? On the one hand, they act as the tokens of memory to the mind-bearer; they award the creator the pleasure of  creation. On the other hand, they may entertain or even enlighten others. Above all, knowledge/information/experience are meant to be shared and true pleasure is not realized until one shares them. So here I begin the new journey. Let me wish myself happy photographing my mind! And once again, very warm welcome to my gallery and to my world!